Write your story, heal yourself.

Share your story, heal the world.

Write for Wellness encourages every person to pick up a pen, find power within their creative voice, write their story, and achieve a sense of personal balance and universal connection.

Our Offerings

Our guided offerings help you put pen to paper and develop a strong sense of well-being. Choose your adventure:  weekly writing prompts,  writer’s workshops, 1:1 coaching opportunities, weekend retreats, and an annual storytelling event provide a variety of opportunities to grow and connect.

Get inspired and follow our weekly writing prompts …

… all you need is a quiet space, a notebook, a pen and a timer set for ninety minutes. Relax, turn off the editor in your head, and see where your writing takes you.

About Monique

We all have stories to tell. Monique’s story has led her to create and launch Write for Wellness . Through workshops and one on one guidance, Monique supports those on a wellness journey who write (or wish to write),  to find and sustain a strong connection within themselves.

(Participant of “You Are Here” 8-week ZOOM Guided Writing Workshop for Enliven Cancer Care)

The idea of “writing for wellness” really made a lot of sense to me before I actually signed up for Monique’s weekly workshop. The structured workshop, with Monique’s writing prompts and expert facilitation, really helped me to explore my own thoughts and emotions, and process them in a positive way. Her calm, caring, sincere nature comes through as she consistently created an emotionally safe environment for us to share our thoughts and writing. The atmosphere is encouraging and non-judgemental. Monique is very well-read, and I appreciated the balance between time spent writing and that spent  listening to her read passages from her favourite authors or her own soulful writing.

It is a very worthwhile course.


“Thanks, Monique. It was cathartic for me…”