Write your story, heal yourself.

Share your story, heal the world.

Write for Wellness encourages every person to pick up a pen, find power within their creative voice, write their story, and achieve a sense of personal balance and universal connection.

Our Offerings

Our guided offerings help you put pen to paper and develop a strong sense of well-being. Choose your adventure:  weekly writing prompts,  writer’s workshops, 1:1 coaching opportunities, weekend retreats, and an annual storytelling event provide a variety of opportunities to grow and connect.

Get inspired and follow our weekly writing prompts …

… all you need is a quiet space, a notebook, a pen and a timer set for ninety minutes. Relax, turn off the editor in your head, and see where your writing takes you.

About Monique

We all have stories to tell. Monique’s story has led her to create and launch Write for Wellness . Through workshops and one on one guidance, Monique supports those on a wellness journey who write (or wish to write),  to find and sustain a strong connection within themselves.

You got where I felt I was lost! I wanted to come full circle and knew that I wasn’t entirely. So thank you so much!!!!! Your edits have raised the precision and power of my piece!


(From April 2021 Bloom talk, “Why Writing Can Be Medicine for the Soul”)

“Great explanation of how Monique got started, stopped, and then started again. Congratulations!”

“Monique is an excellent presenter. Great to hear her personal story as a writer.”

“The topic of WRITING! I love to write and Monique affirmed that I will keep on writing! I especially love what Monique said about stories, “Stories are our medicine.” This is so true! When we write we share our truths and authenticity.”

“Monique spoke directly to us through her story. Sharing the steps she took with practical ways we could get started in our lives took away a lot of the fear we could be experiencing. So relatable!”

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