Word Prompt: Responsibility | Story Prompt: from the book “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles

Write It Out: Instruction Video

“After all, what can a first impression tell us about someone we’ve just met for a minute in the lobby of a hotel? For that matter, what can a first impression tell us about anyone? Why, no more than a chord can tell us about Beethoven, or a brushstroke about Botticelli. By their very nature, human beings are so capricious, so complex, so delightfully contradictory, that they deserve not only our consideration, but our reconsideration – and our unwavering determination to withhold our opinion until we have engaged with them in every possible setting at every possible hour.”

This may not be a perfect time to launch a new business. The truth is, I couldn’t not start this business right now. I’ve wanted to write, to teach, to help people to write ever since I was a little girl.

I can remember rounding up my younger brothers and taking them to one particular flat rock in the field behind our house. Loaded with scraps of paper, some pencils and a couple of books, I’d read to them. Under the warm sunshine and blue skies, I’d show them how to “draw” their names, until I got too bossy or we got too distracted by ants. Or by cloud formations. Or by a call from Mom that it was lunchtime.

Starting Write For Wellness has me as excited as the first day of school, and as nervous. But, like taking my brothers out to my classroom in the field, this business gives me a really good feeling. A feeling that you get when you’re doing something you’ve always wanted to do. A feeling so big that it gathers in others and makes them feel good too. There’s no way I could have forced my little brothers to go with me, to my “school” in the field. They came because they were curious, and because they wanted to learn the secret of putting pencil to paper and have it mean something more – not only to themselves, but to someone else.

Knowing how I feel about writing, and about helping others to discover how writing can enrich their lives, made my starting Write For Wellness a responsibility I could no longer ignore. So, please continue to enjoy the weekly Write It Out writing prompts. And, if you are curious, please consider registering for one of my workshops or submitting a story for my annual fall storytelling event, Telling Our Stories. I look forward to meeting you and sharing the power of written (and spoken) words.

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