Word Prompt: Lead | Story Prompt: from the book “Do Not Say We Have Nothing” by Madeleine Thien

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“He’d been thinking about the quality of sunshine, that is, how daylight wipes away the stars and the planets, making them invisible to human eyes. If one needed the darkness in order to see the heavens, might daylight be a form of blindness? Could it be that sound was also a form of deafness? If so, what was silence?”

Sometimes, my writing follows one (or both) of the prompts. Sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, somehow the writing just needed me to write it… I don’t struggle with it anymore. I just let the words come and don’t judge them. This isn’t a “test” that needs to be done correctly… the important thing is to take the time. The words will come, trust them. Don’t try to make them fit into something they are not.

For those of you who really know me, you will understand that I am NOT a writer of recipes. Nor am I a pessimist. Yet, somehow in the midst of this pandemic these are the words that appeared for me, so I will honour them and share my story/recipe with you here:

Recipe for the End of the World*

Ingredients: one (1) medium-sized, blue-green planet; one (1) thin layer of oxygen; many assorted life forms in water, on land, in air, within earth

Process: Encircle blue-green planet with the thin layer of oxygen. Sprinkle life forms liberally onto blue-green planet, enough to allow at least two for each of the different types of terrain. Apply a heat source regularly. Revolve planet, and allow life forms to procreate freely. Continue with regular revolutions throughout remainder of cooking time.

Observe as one life form appears to dominate all others. Continue to observe as this one life form begins to wreak havoc on itself and on all other life forms, and the planet itself. Slowly increase heat source.

When the dominant life form covers the entire surface of the planet and begins bubbling up through and out of the thin layer of oxygen, and the planet no longer appears blue-green but black, it is done.

Return heat to “normal” and wait for about one billion years to begin again. You’ll know it’s time once the planet, with no dominant life forms, has returned to its original blue-green colour.

*Note: Recipe mis-named, should be “Recipe for the End of Human Life on Earth”.

What happens for you when you sit down to write? Do the words come to you painfully, with a struggle, or is it more effortless? One big thing for me is to have a good pen. If my pen skips or blobs, it takes me right out of the writing. Is there one thing you do that helps with your writing? Share your thoughts here!

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