Word Prompt: Mastery | Story Prompt: from the book “Swing Low – A Life” by Miriam Toews

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“… Is depression in part a result of not feeling at home in this world, and blaming yourself for it? … Does a depressed person say to himself, if only I were a better human being I wouldn’t feel depressed, or does he say, if only the world were a nicer place I might get out of bed?

Is depression nothing but anger turned inwards, as some say? Does it stem from a childhood loss? From a genetic propensity? From self-hatred? From an inability to be oneself? From having no purpose? From an inability to be free? From a fear of freedom? From the desire to be free and confined at the same time? From choking on a peanut as a two-year-old?

Perhaps depression is caused by asking oneself too many unanswerable questions.”


April 23, 2008

Hello new journal, welcome to my life.

I hope you are able to teach me about myself. I promise not to rip out any pages, because that would mean I am judging my own thoughts. I will instead just accept my thoughts for what they are – a part of me in a moment of time.

I want to be able to collect my thoughts, my goals, sort them all out and understand myself better. I want to grow, to improve and be the best “me” I can be so I can share the best me and help others around me.

I hope –

I have many hopes… if I can start with myself then that will help my hopes take form and become real. The more I can help myself and accept myself, the more I will be a better person.

Thanks – I just wanted to say thanks!

I don’t know what kinds of stuff I’m going to put in here yet – I think I need to be able to trust you first, journal, because I have never felt I could. I’m really going to try.


Have you ever written in a journal? How do you feel when you read back on old journal entries? Are you embarrassed? Are you forgiving of your younger self? Does reading it help you to realize how far you have travelled in your life journey? Share your thoughts here!

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