Word Prompt: Charm | Story Prompt: from the book “The Night Country” by Bryce Courtenay

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“It is the time of the setting sun. Now you see the sun as it enters into the great dark wetness, its golden fire quenched. Now see again, it is gone only a moment and immediately it begins to rise once more, see how it rises silver from the water, the moon over the Night Country. It is here you can come whenever you are sad, or frightened. It is here where you can re-think your courage and find the way to go and the path to take. It is here where you can meet your shades and speak to them. They are the spirits of your ancestors – they will be your guides.”


It all started with a heartbeat. The gentle, rhythmic “lub-dub” of her heart as she sat in stillness. The window was open and as the beat of her heart continued on, the sound of it was met by the soft sound of the wind, a slight breeze. Then the caw of a raven drifted in and somehow these sounds, dissonant at first, merged into a track. Lub-dub. Whoosh. Caw caw.

These sounds were joined by other morning sounds, by the sound of someone below moving about, and as she sat these sounds all connected, they all became part of the same soundtrack.

She was somewhere else now, merged into a larger picture, and she heard and felt and was part of the connection – part of the one universal heartbeat of life. She felt it rising from the earth, lub-dub, gently whispering to her, holding her.

“This is home,” it said. “Connection and peace and safety. When you find this, wherever you are, this is home. Search for it, find it, share it.”

She opened her eyes. What was the impact of this truth? She had much work to do, to help heal the planet.


As the earth transitions from fall into winter, what is on your mind? Do you embrace winter and its gifts, or are you looking past winter, just hoping to make it through to spring and summer? If winter were a person, what kind of person would it be? Share your thoughts here!

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