Word Prompt: Know | Story Prompt: from the book “A Recipe for Bees” by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

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“Augusta went into the bathroom and washed her face with cold water; she soaked a facecloth with water and wiped the sweat from the back of her neck, from between her breasts, under her arms, behind her knees. She put on a fresh dress and went back into the coolness of the sitting room to watch television from her chair next to Karl’s. Once there she tried to ignore him, to keep a stony silence, but her anger didn’t last; it drained away. She forgave him his inadequacies, just as he had forgiven hers so many times in the past, because Karl, resourceful as all farmers were, found a way to say the things he wished he had said over the years, all the things he had been unable to say. It wasn’t much: a simple gesture he had been planning for a day or two, a message contained in flowers. He handed Augusta a bouquet tied in ribbon that he had hidden beside his chair: a clutch of pearly everlastings with white wooly stems, and flowers that would last until the first snows of winter.”


The fatigue.

Pushing against it, fighting it,


Why not accept it

for now –

embrace it, welcome it.

Because, my dear, I may


even deeper, further,


And, it’s not me –

I am lightness and laughter and love –

this is not me.

Yet it crushes, it buries.


Winter solstice. Endings, and beginnings. What is ending for you, and what is beginning? Share your thoughts here!

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