Word Prompt: Objective | Story Prompt: from the book “Room” by Emma Donoghue

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“”Open it up,” she tells me. “Gently.”

I figure out to do off the knot, I make the paper flat, it’s a drawing, just pencil, no colors. I don’t know what it’s about, then I turn it. “Me!” Like in Mirror but more, my head and arm and shoulder in my sleep T-shirt. “Why are the eyes of the me shut?”

“You were asleep,” says Ma.

“How you did a picture asleep?”

“No, I was awake. Yesterday morning and the day before and the day before that, I put the lamp on and drew you.” She stops smiling. “What’s up, Jack? You don’t like it?”

“Not — when you’re on at the same time I’m off.”

“Well, I couldn’t draw you while you were awake, or it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” Ma waits. “I thought you’d like a surprise.”

“I prefer a surprise and me knowing.”


I already knew it was cold because I had just pulled myself up on the kitchen sink to peek through the window at the thermometer outside to check.  Yep, it was 20 below, but it was also nice and sunny outside and the snow was sparkling.  I could tell the snow would be crunchy and squeaky.  I ran into my room and put on my tights first, so that when the snow got into my boots my ankles wouldn’t be too cold.  Then pants, sweater, another pair of socks.

Into the kitchen to dig through all the snowsuits in the closet to find my snow pants and coat.  Bread bags to put my sock feet into first (to help keep them dry) before I put on my boots.  Toque next, and scarf, and – “Mom, are there any dry mitts?”

“Oh yes, I’ll get you a pair from the living room, I put a pair on the register from when you were out yesterday.”

Yay!  Nice warm mitts, fresh from the heat blowing through the hot air register.

“Can you tuck them in for me please?”

It’s quite a production to get everything on to go outside when it’s really cold, to make sure that the warm can’t get out and the cold can’t get in.  It’s a delicate balance between being warm enough and not being able to move because of the layers and layers of clothes.

Finally I’m ready and out I go, ready to have fun in the beautiful snow fort.  I stand on the front step and blink while my eyes, peeking out from between my hat and scarf, get used to the sunlight reflecting off the snow.


Do you have any warm winter memories from way back when? Share your thoughts here!

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