Word Prompt: Grow | Story Prompt: from the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron

Write It Out: Instruction Video

“For four weeks now, we have been excavating our consciousness. We have seen how often we think negatively and fearfully, how frightening it has been for us to begin to believe that there might be a right place for us that we could attain by listening to our creative voice and following its guidance. We have begun to hope, and we have feared that hope.

… With each day we become more true to ourselves, more open to the positive. To our surprise, this seems to be working in our human relationships. We find we are able to tell more of our truth, hear more of other people’s truth, and encompass a far more kindly attitude toward both. We are becoming less judgmental of ourselves and others. How is this possible? The morning pages, a flow of stream of consciousness, gradually loosens our hold on fixed opinions and short-sighted views. We see that our moods, views, and insights are transitory. We acquire a sense of movement, a current of change in our lives. This current, or river, is a flow of grace moving us to our light livelihood, companions, destiny.

…Freed from our terrible fears of abandonment, we are able to live with more spontaneity. Freed from our constant demands for more and more reassurance, our fellows are able to love us back without feeling so burdened.

As we have listened to our artist child within, it has begun to feel more and more safe. Feeling safe, it speaks a little louder. Even on our worst days, a small, positive voice says, “You could still do this or it might be fun to do that . . . “

…Recovery is the process of finding the river and saying yes to its flow, rapids and all. We startle ourselves by saying yes instead of no to opportunities. As we begin to pry ourselves loose from our old self-concepts, we find that our new, emerging self may enjoy all sorts of bizarre adventures.”


Ascension – MEC April 2020

She came out of her house today. It had been weeks since anyone had seen her. Whether she’d just been inside the whole time, or had been coming and going out at times when no one was around, who knew? But today, well, let’s just say that you didn’t even need to have been there to have seen. It was all over the news.

Folks around here said that she’d always been a little unstable. Whether they said that because they actually knew her, or because they’d drawn that conclusion by the large number of cats that always seemed to  be around her place – cats lying on window ledges in sunshine, or on front steps with tails twitching, digging in neglected flower beds or pouncing on unsuspecting robins in the yard – well, at this point it didn’t make much difference.

She came out of her house today, but that’s not the whole story. The TV crews and nosy neighbours crowding – not too close – on the roadside near her place were, I think, attempts to make some sense of what had eventually happened by gleaning information from what they could see and what others had heard. There had never been anything like it.

She came out of her house today, just stepped out the front door like she had said she would in her blog, today at noon, high noon, bright sun directly overhead, not a cloud in the sky nor a whisper of wind. There was a loud noise, a bright flash of light and, strangely, a small fire which was what really caught people’s attention… was that a distraction? Slight of hand? She’d been predicting it herself for weeks, and now it appeared as though she’d pulled it off.

“Just like Jesus,” she’d written in her blog.

It is on all the news feeds now, and no matter how many times I watch it, replay and watch again, more slowly this time, all I can see is that she just… vanishes. In a small puff of smoke.

No one can explain it.


Spring Equinox! We in the northern hemisphere are now moving into lighter, warmer days. Even though the snow banks are still quite high at my house, I was able to sit in the sunshine this afternoon and close my eyes to relax. I didn’t need a heavy coat. I felt lighter, more optimistic, hopeful. I am readying myself, with intention, for action. How does Spring affect you? Share your thoughts below!

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