Word Prompt: Cherish | Story Prompt: from the book “Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward Gun Club” by Megan Gail Coles

Write It Out: Instruction Video

” She looks up as she falls, sees the brake lights move away, then nothing.

Then Olive.

Olive did not recognize the truck. But she recognized the driver.

Olive takes off the snow boots and places them gently on Iris’s feet before sitting down next to her in the road. She takes Iris’s hand in her smaller hand and blows warm air into Iris like her grandmother did when she was a girl. Olive thinks this is love and Iris needs love now. Olive blows more love into Iris. Each breath is like hope. Iris is holding what little hope Olive has left in her cupped right hand. Olive gives her more. Olive gives her all she has, rocking back and forth, chanting, it’s okay, Iris, you’re okay. Olive wants to believe that’s true. Just like she has always wanted to believe in happy endings. Ever since she was a girl. Ever since forever. “


Funny – MEC 2019

I remember

Those times where

We’d just look at each other and


And your nose would wrinkle

And I would snort

And those tears of


Would stream down our faces

And that silent shaking

When you can’t even

Catch your

Breath –

It’s funny –

We haven’t laughed like that

For awhile –

Let’s do more

Of that


Isn’t it strange how we realize how important people or things or even events are when we are without them for awhile? The pandemic has helped to remind us of that, I think. It really is the little things. As much as I love my partner, I miss being away so that when we reunite I am reminded of how much I do care. So, life is maybe about remembering without having the distance. Gratitude for here and now. Can you relate? Share your thoughts below!

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