Word Prompt: Light | Story Prompt: from the book “Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditations” by Richard Wagamese

Write It Out: Instruction Video

” To tell. To use the act of breathing to shape air into sounds that take on the context of language that lifts and transports those who hear it, takes them beyond what they think and know and feel and empowers them to think and feel and know even more. We’re all storytellers, really. That’s what we do. That is our power as human beings. Not to tell people how to think and feel and therefore know – but through our stories allow them to discover questions within themselves. Turn off your TV and your devices and talk to each other. Share stories. Be joined, transported and transformed.”


Balance – MEC 2021

It’s been a long winter, a long Pandemic winter. I’ve fallen away from self-care. Self care like cooking good meals, going for at least a walk after a full day of work, or limiting alcohol intake.

I am out of balance. I have been eating too much junk food, lazing around, and too often having “just one more” glass of wine. I’ve been watching social media too much, more concerned with what others are doing than with what I might be doing. Not that I always need to be doing things – for me that signals imbalance as well. Out of balance, yes, but knowing I am and trusting that my inner pendulum will slow and not take me too far off track.

I feel myself now swinging back like the sun as it returns to the northern hemisphere. I’m relieved to be able to spend more time outside, and the blossoms on trees and in gardens inspire me to think more about healthy food and better practices.

Grateful for friends, for writing, for nature and the return of the sunshine. Summer balances winter, spring balances fall. Earth, air, fire, water. Cosmic balance.


Today’s story and word prompts make me think of the “lightness” that can be felt after telling a deep, dark secret. How pouring light on something by talking about it can help. Can help the storyteller, and can also help the listener. Do you think so, too? Share your thoughts below!

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