Word Prompt: Open | Story Prompt: from the book “Inkspell” by Cornelia Funke

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“The groom was a fool and took forever to saddle up the wretched horse. I never invented a character like that, thought Fenoglio. Lucky that I’m in a good mood. For he was indeed in the best of moods. He had been whistling quietly to himself for hours, because he had done it. He had found the solution! Yes, at last the words had flowed onto the parchment as if they’d just been waiting for him to fish them out of the sea of letters. The right words. The only right words. Now the story could go on and all would end well. He was an enchanter, after all, a conjurer with words, one of the very first quality. No one could hold a candle to him — well, one or two maybe, but in his own world, not this one. If only this dolt of a groom would hurry up! It was high time he went to Roxanne’s house or she would ride away without the letter — and then how was he going to get it to Meggie? For there was still no sign of life from the young hothead he had sent after her. That callow youth had probably gotten lost in the Wayless Wood.

He felt for the letter under his cloak. A good thing that words weighed light, light as a feather, even the most important of them.”


Open… to open a window, a door, a fist. To open our eyes, our mind, our heart. To be open to opportunities, to challenges, to life.

Finding the right words. Words that may seem to come, finally, with ease and almost like magic. Words that, when written, add no extra physical weight to whatever they are written on and sometimes, like when carved in stone, actually remove weight. Yet the words themselves have strength and power. Words have the power to open doors or fists, minds or hearts, or to close them. Words can create opportunities or add barriers.

How will you use your words today? Thoughts? Feel free to share them here.

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