Word Prompt: Heart | Story Prompt: from the book “Greenwood” by Michael Christie

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“After signing in, Willow is escorted into a waiting area, where outdated magazines blanket a Formica coffee table and a water cooler gurgles nearby like a giant blue stomach. While outside the prison aspen leaves tremble in the sun and bearberries hum sweetly on bushes, there is neither a plant nor a scrap of natural light in this windowless crypt. A prison is the opposite of a forest, she concludes. Designed to sink the spirits and deaden the senses, to disconnect a human being from all that is crucial to life. If there is a fate worse than incarceration, she can’t imagine it.

She sits chain-smoking menthols, shivering in the air conditioning, her druss stuck to her like cling wrap, the sweat from her sun-baked journey pooling in the cavities made by her collarbones. And because there was quite likely dairy in the muffin she bought in desperation at that gas station, her stomach churns.”


It’s an interesting thought – that the opposite of “forest” might be “prison”. How about the opposite of “heart” – perhaps “brain”?

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