Word Prompt: Search | Story Prompt: from the book “The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman

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“”Where is your place, Ron?” asks Ibrahim. “Where do you find your peace?”

Ron purses his lips and chuckles. “If you’d asked me a question like that a couple of years ago I’d have laughed and left, wouldn’t I?”

“You would,” agrees Ibrahim. “I have successfully changed you.”

“I think,” starts Ron, face alert, eyes alive. “I think . . .” Ibrahim sees Ron’s face relax as he decides to just let the truth come out, rather than think. “Honestly? I’m flicking through it all in my head, all the things you’re supposed to say. But listen. It might be here in this chair, with my mate, drinking his whiskey, dark outside, with something to talk about.”

Ibrahim knots his hands together and lets Ron talk.

“Just think of everyone who isn’t here, Ibbsy. Every bugger who didn’t make it. And here we are, a boy from Egypt and a boy from Kent, and we made it through it all, and then someone in Scotland made us this whisky. That’s something, isn’t it? This is the place, isn’t it, old son? This is the place.””


Are you searching for a peaceful place, or do you have a place that comes to mind readily? Is that place easily accessible or is it a struggle to reach? Is it a place that exists literally or is it a figurative place that you find, now and then, when you stop thinking about looking for it?

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