Word Prompt: Variety | Story Prompt: from the book “The Moon’s Revenge” by Joan Aiken, Illustrated by Alan Lee

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“He put his ear to a crack. Yes! He could hear voices, talking in quiet tones. What were they talking about? Afterwards, Sep could never remember.

But, with his heart thumping even louder, he tapped, and called in a whisper through the hole.

“Hey! You in there! If you please! How can I learn to be the best fiddler in the country?”

He laid his ear to the crack. A cold breeze blew out of it, so sharply that Sep jumped back in fright.

“Throw your shoe at the moon,” whispered a voice. “Each night for seven nights, throw your shoe at the moon.”

“B-b-b-but how?” stammered Sep. “What shoe?”

Nobody answered. He could hear the voices talking again, to each other, not to him.

Sep tiptoed back to bed, scratching his head. He had only one pair of shoes, hog-skin clogs in which he clattered about the coach-yard. But, when his feet were smaller, he had worn other shoes, some passed on by his six elder brothers. His mother, who never wasted anything, kept all these little old pairs in a bag, inside the grandfather clock.

So next day when his mother was out feeding the ducks and geese, who swam in the river by the coach-yard, Sep went quietly and found the bag. He took a pair a tiny, soft, kid-skin shoes that he had worn when he was one year old. And on a night when the moon was nearly full, he went down to the beach. He laid one of the shoes on the sea wall, he looked at the cold shiny sea and the black, wrinkled waves; then, with all his energy, he hurled the other little white shoe up – straight up – into the face of the white, watching moon.”


I hope you like the variety of story prompts that I offer! I love the magic that some of the children’s books can offer – not to mention the beautiful illustrations.

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