Word Prompt: Refresh | Story Prompt: from the book “Looking for Jane” by Heather Marshall

Write It Out: Instruction Video

“Selena pulls her shoulders back and leans over the sergeant. He shrinks back an inch. “Are you quite serious? You have no evidence whatsoever to hold these women, place them under arrest, or charge them with anything. Have a nice night, Sergeant, Officer.”

She sweeps open the door for Evelyn, who wanders out in a daze, and Selena closes the door against the stunned faces of Evelyn’s interrogators.

“That’s it?”

“Just keep walking; waaaaaalk walk walk walk walk walk.” Selena presses her hand into Evelyn’s bad shoulder, moving her forward.

“Evelyn!” Alice and Nancy jump up from the chairs they’ve been slumped in across the hall from the interrogation room. They’ve been uncuffed. No doubt someone finally had the sense to acknowledge that they didn’t pose a threat.

“Come, come!” Selena calls to them, eyeing Alice in particular. “Quickly now. Quickly quickly.”

They scurry along in her wake, trying to keep up with her long strides. Once out on the street, they all blink, their eyes watering in the bright summer sunlight.

“All right, then,” Selena says, ushering them down the busy sidewalk to nowhere in particular. “You understand you now have to abandon that location, correct?”

They all nod.

“All right. Now we need to think beyond today. Is there anything else anywhere? Any files? Patient records? Where do you keep those?”

“We don’t,” Evelyn says. “We only have one patient docket per day, just for that day’s use, then it gets shredded.”

“Where’s the one for today?”

There’s a single beat before Evelyn answers, “We ate it.””


Sometimes a change can be refreshing. Looking at something from a new perspective can open up windows and doors that we hadn’t realized were there. Trying something that you’d never considered before, or that you’d considered and written off, can be very freeing. Sometimes all we need is some small change, a minor adjustment, to get ourselves un-stuck and re-energized.

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