Word Prompt: Comply | Story Prompt: from the book “The Bear” by Claire Cameron

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“When you have a dream and it feels real it means you might pee the bed. That’s what Momma says. If I am having a bad dream she says I should get up and pee. The bathroom light is always on. But I remember the tent. That is what is blue and very flappy. Flap flap flap. Maybe I am dreaming that too. The most important thing that Momma says I have to remember is not to dream I am going pee before I get to the toilet. It’s not my fault but I have to remember. If I don’t remember and I dream that I am peeing then I really pee but not in the toilet. Then I wet the bed and the sheet that makes a crunchy sound like cereal needs to be hung in the backyard on a string so I can hide behind it like the curtain for a play. Go to the toilet. There is no toilet when we are camping. I don’t need to pee.

And I don’t like the flap flap flap. I turn over and hug Gwen and snuggle into Stick and hope the sounds will go away. Momma screams like a monster is tackling her. That’s why I know it’s a dream so I should keep my eyes shut tight. It is dark behind my eyes. Momma never yells. Mostly not ever. Except sometimes.”


To comply. To “act in accordance with a wish or command”.

I’ve always considered myself somewhat easy-going, someone who tries to “go with the flow” and not make too much fuss about things. I guess that means I’m compliant. Sure, I’ve had times of being defiant as well, but I try to not have that as my “go to” way of being.

In these complicated, stressful times I’m trying to follow some simple internal commands: be kind; show respect; listen first; assume the best.

Oh – and here’s a tip: if you’re looking for a book to read on a canoe trip in Algonquin Park, if your imagination is as good as mine, you may want to save “The Bear” for when you return home!

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