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Word Prompt: Consume | Story Prompt: from the book “The Hawk’s Way” by Si Montgomery

Write It Out: Instruction Video

‘But I know not to look for affection from these birds — now or ever. Falconers, each of them crazy in love with their birds, accept that their birds will never love them back. At least not in the way a fellow mammal shows you its love. From these birds, I want something else — if I can earn it.

“They may show you a certain companionship. They can become comfortable with you. With Indy,” said Nancy, “we knew each other so thoroughly, I could close my eyes and know exactly where he’d place himself in a tree relative to me. It’s a beautiful partnership. But if you break their laws, you’ll pay.”

“If you want love out of this,” Nancy tells her students, “you’re too needy. Don’t be a falconer.”

For a human to love without expecting love in return is hugely liberating. To leave the self out of love is like escaping the grip of gravity. It is to grow wings. It opens up the sky.’


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