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Word Prompt: Listen | Story Prompt: from the book “Lullabyhullaballoo!” by Mick Inkpen

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‘The sun is down.

The moon is up.

It is bedtime for the

Little Princess.

But outside the castle . . .

A dragon is roaring.

What shall we do?

He’s hissing and snorting!

What shall we do?

We’ll tell him to SSSH!

That’s what we’ll do.


Who me?



I love the directness and simplicity of some children’s books. I hadn’t planned the story prompt from the word prompt, or vice versa, but in hindsight these two elements came together so beautifully for me today.

In order to listen, we first must be quiet ourselves. Just sssh. Stop talking, stop the busyness, just stop.

That’s so simple – and brilliant.

COVID has forced me to stop this past week, as I give myself pause to return to wellness. l feel myself pushing against pausing as I do some of my “quiet” activities – like knitting, reading, or going for a short walk. In between rows, or chapters, or in the pauses of my walk, those are the spaces where I find wellness. Where I can hear what my body needs. Sunshine. Rest. Simplicity. Joy.

Are you listening? What do you hear?

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