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Word Prompt: Move | Story Prompt: from the book “All Our Relations: Finding The Path Forward” by Tanya Talaga

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‘Nations are made stronger by vibrant, healthy children. As Senator Sinclair says, “In order for any society to function properly and to its full capacity, it must raise and educate its children so that they can answer what philosophers such as Socrates, and Plato, and our Elders, call ‘the great questions of life.'”

Those four questions were laid out at the beginning of this book: Where do I come from? Where am I going? Why am I here? Who am I?

All children, regardless of their racial or socioeconomic backgrounds, need to know the answers to these questions. They need to know who their ancestors are, who their heroes and villains are; they need to know about their family’s traditions and cultures and the community they are a part of. Our children must feel that they are loved, valued, and worthy members of society who belong in this world exactly as they are.

As Thomas King said, “But don’t say in the years to come that you would have lived your life differently if only you had heard this story. You’ve heard it now.”‘


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