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Word Prompt: Remember | Story Prompt: from the book “Light Action in the Caribbean: Stories” by Barry Lopez

Write It Out: Instruction Video

“She had a good look around the lobby while David checked them into the Beach Banner Inn. If you’d just read about the place in a travel magazine, she mused, you’d say no way. It sounded like shag carpets, polyester blankets, plastic water glasses in the bathroom. But this was quite classy, she decided, the oversize bouquets of fresh flowers, really good-looking people having expresso. The women were mostly in white, she observed, with gold accessories, so that was going to be no problem. She agreed with David ‘s judgement. Why go to a top-of-the-line Hyatt or Sheraton, where you get the heavy terry-cloth robes, the turn-down service, when for 40 percent less you get what you actually need? He had enumerated: a view of the water, cable access, firm pillows, the right drinks in the minibar (he’d asked which labels, he said), and then something nice, like two sinks. And these people didn’t skimp, he emphasized, with cheap necessities like wire hangers and little soap bars. He’d asked.

He did know how to handle it all, she reflected.

“What I like with him,” she’d told her friend Helena, “is that this guy who makes like a hundred and sixteen thousand dollars a year goes to the trouble to actually check everything out, to spend the money smartly, you know, not just throw it at travel agents, whatever it costs, who cares. One thousand five hundred for a week in the Caribbean, Brad told me, and most of that went for the room, with the big towels and the turn-down service. Meals extra. That was Brad. For the same money David gets the hotel, plus a three-star restaurant, all that in a plan, plus five days — five entire days — on a private dive boat. Plus he sent flowers when I got certified to dive.”

“So is this guy married?” asked Helena.

“Are you totally insane?”


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