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Word Prompt: Journey | Story Prompt: from the book “The Girl and the Wolf” by Katherena Vermette, Pictures by Julie Flett

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‘The wolf came up close and sniffed her.

His wolf breath was hot and stank of meat.

“I think I know where you come from, little one,” said the wolf. “But it is almost dark. You must be hungry.”

“Yes, I am.” The girl nodded, and her stomach rumbled.

“Do you know how to hunt?” asked the wolf.

The girl shook her head.

“What are you going to do?” asked the wolf.

The girl looked around. Everything was quieter and darker. The girl felt very cold and very scared. “I don’t know,” she said sadly.

“Yes you do,” the wolf told her. “Take a deep breath. Close your eyes, then look. What do you see?”

The girl did what he said, and when she opened her eyes she saw something that made her feel better.’


Such a beautiful story. Things we are afraid of, things we have been taught to be afraid of, aren’t necessarily always trying to hurt us. Sometimes scary situations or things can teach us about ourselves, if we are able to pause and listen.

As we journey through life, we need to remind ourselves of this now and then. This book is a gentle reminder of remembering to stop and take a breath. To give ourselves a chance to pause, and then to look and really see.

This book shows us that our children can and should be taught to pause. It’s a valuable life skill, this learned knowing. Each time we practice, it is an opportunity to rescue ourselves – and we’re never too young nor too old to learn.

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