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Word Prompt: Cover | Story Prompt: from the book “State of Terror” by Hilary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny

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‘Anahita had never dreamed this was possible. Not here. Not in a civilized country.

Not in her country.

She sat at a metal table across from two men in uniform but without insignias or name tags. Military intelligence. two others, even larger, stood at the door. In case s he made a run for it.

But even if she could get through that wall of solid flesh, where would she run?

Back to wherever she came from was their suspicion, she’d realized early on. as though she hadn’t come from Cleveland.

She could tell by how they repeated her name. Anahita.

They said it as though it translated into something ugly. Terrorist. Alien. Enemy. Threat.

Anahita, they sneered. Anahita Dahir.

“I was born in Cleveland,” she explained. “You can check.”‘


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