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Word Prompt: Tough | Story Prompt: from the book “The View from the Cheap Seats” by Neil Gaiman

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‘All too often I write to find out what I think about a subject, not because I already know.

My next novel will be, for me, a way of trying to pin down myths— modern myths, and the old myths, together, on the huge and puzzling canvas that is the North American continent.

All the myths I care about, or have cared about, will be in there, but there in order to try and make sense of the myths that make America.

I have lived here for six years, and I still do not understand it: a strange collection of homegrown myths and beliefs, the ways that America explains itself to itself.

Maybe I’ll make an awful mess of it all, but I can’t say that it worries me as badly as I think it ought to. I look forward to putting my thoughts into some kind of order. I look forward to learning what I think.’


What a lovely perspective: “…I write to find out what I think about a subject…”

I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure that’s why I’ve kept writing after all this time – because I’m still learning about what I think.

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