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Word Prompt: Freeze | Story Prompt: from the book “VenCo” by Cherie Dimaline

“The Crusher”, we called it. “It” was a stained and rusty, broken down piece of equipment at the end of one of the many trails which snaked through the sand pit across the gravel road from the house I grew up in.

On reflection, I suppose it would have resembled an extra large cement mixer, parked and permanently fixed in place. Last time I looked, it had vanished. I wished I’d taken a photo of it.

My brothers and I would climb up inside it, over it, all around it. Once inside, it wasn’t dark as the rounded walls had large, about 2-inch holes cut out of it, all the way around. When we’d come out of it after sitting a while, I’m sure the backs of our legs and arms would appear as though we’d had a tussle with an octopus.

We speculated it had once been used to tumble or crush large rocks, but to us, the Crusher was a fort, a school, a spaceship. It was our “hollow deck” that could be whatever we wanted it to be.

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