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Word Prompt: Gather | Story Prompt: from the book “Monkey Beach” by Eden Robinson

Work Hazards (Excerpt, MEC)

I should have gone back to bed. This was a day I’d live to regret, only I didn’t realize it until much later. I should have taken the hint when I’d burnt the toast and overcooked the eggs, but I soldiered on. Showered and dressed for work, smelling only slightly of my toast offering to the gods, I peered out the window to my truck in the yard. Rain, again. So much for the attention I’d paid to my hair; it would be flat in seconds the moment I stepped out of the house. Ah well, such is life.

As I ease into the drivers seat, I find that my arms and neck are already tired. Must have been all the shoveling yester I think, starting the truck and turning the fan up to full blast to clear the windshield of the mist condensing from my breath.

As I drive to the job site, I try to forget what I’m doing, the job I’ve been paid so handsomely to perform. That’s the trick – just forget about it. There is a trick to it and for me today, I’m using talk radio as my trick, in order to keep moving forward. It’s a decently long drive, and I stop once along the way to fill up one tank and empty another. Nearing the job site, I turn the radio off. Now it’s time for me to focus on what I do best, why I’ve been hired.

As I approach the burning barrel, the stench enters my nostrils, erasing all of the offensive burnt toast smell from memory.

What doesn’t disappear as fast here, are the bones.

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