“I love your prompts and stories as well as the relaxation… your voice is very soothing. Thank you for this today.”


“Gorgeous scenery and a lovely prompt, too. Thank you so much. I needed this today.”


“Thank you for sharing your talent and this sacred opportunity with everyone at Enliven Cancer Care, A Centre for Well-Being in Cancer!”


“Thanks, Monique. It was cathartic for me…”


“Thank you Monique! I am catching up  and finding a little more depth, a little more surprise and light on my page. Creativity just what I needed right now, look… Continue reading C.C.


“Monique, I love writing. To pull people together to write is a really awesome idea.”


“I had a sense of being stuck creatively, and Monique’s workshop really helped me to not only write again, but to put more of myself into my writing as well.… Continue reading D.J.


“When I first moved to Muskoka, I joined a group called Write It Out.  I soon found that the weekly prompts were helping me to expand from my usual poems,… Continue reading Courtney Murrell

Courtney Murrell

(From April 2021 Bloom talk, “Why Writing Can Be Medicine for the Soul”) “Great explanation of how Monique got started, stopped, and then started again. Congratulations!” “Monique is an excellent… Continue reading Bloom Community Members

Bloom Community Members

You got where I felt I was lost! I wanted to come full circle and knew that I wasn’t entirely. So thank you so much!!!!! Your edits have raised the… Continue reading A.C.S.


(Participant of “You Are Here” 8-week ZOOM Guided Writing Workshop for Enliven Cancer Care) The idea of “writing for wellness” really made a lot of sense to me before I… Continue reading D.G.


Monique’s fun and gentle guidance with written expression has served to position my head and heart to take off and navigate my life stories. I feel better because of this!!


“Therapeutic writing is not about writing well, but using writing for well-being. There is no experience required and even those who think they “can’t write” will surprise themselves with what… Continue reading Carolyn Grisold, M.A.

Carolyn Grisold, M.A.