We All Have Stories To Tell

Write For Wellness values the exploration of our inner dialogue. We promote self realization and recognition, and acknowledge that our stories need to be safely explored.


We value the natural world, its cycles and rhythms, and each persons’ unique place as part of it. Writers and those new to writing are invited to explore nature and discover their inner voice through one of our 3 hour workshops including Come Write Outside and Letters to the Wind, and our 12 hour signature workshop: Four Seasons of Writing. Learn more here.


Telling Our Stories – Storytelling Event. Attend or contribute to our not-for-profit, annual storytelling event. Through listening to stories told about this special land and its people, we will foster a stronger connection to each other, with this land and all life within it. Learn more here.


Do you have a writing goal, or just need a valuable sounding board or guide as you write your way to wellness?  Overcome challenges that interfere with the writing process and dig deeper with a more intimate coaching relationship. Achieve your goals, or deepen your self-discovery and connection through focused, non-judgmental guidance. Individual confidential sessions are available in-person or virtually Learn more here.

I have never liked writing. I would much prefer to draw a picture to tell my story. When Monique mentioned her “Write it Out” weekly writing group, I thought, I am going to not enjoy this…but I went anyway. It was lovely from the first moment. I did write! I still have that writing! Did I really write that? {What} a unique experience for me. My confidence to write grew. I found I prefer writing poetry, about painful life experiences, with a bit of humour! Thank you Monique! I will never be a great writer, nor is it my passion. Trying something different expanded my world, in a good way. One can’t ask for more than that!


Let’s pick up a pen together.