Annual Storytelling Event – Telling Our Stories

Telling Our Stories Celebration is a half-day or day long storytelling event featuring storytellers and their stories with connections to Lake of Bays and Muskoka. Stories shared will be recorded and kept as part of a permanent, public cultural heritage legacy. Whether resident or guest, we all feel a connection to the Lake of Bays and Muskoka areas. Through listening to stories told about this special land and its’ people, we will foster a stronger connection to each other and with this land and all life within it – the rivers and lakes, rocks and trees, and the people, plants and animals.

If you have a story with a connection to the Lake of Bays / Muskoka area and you would like to share it at this event, please email Write For Wellness to find out more details and to submit your story for consideration before the story submission deadline of August 31, 2022. Reading your story aloud to the audience will take you no longer than twenty minutes (about 2,500 words).

Retreat – Belonging: Finding Connection Through Story

A retreat to encourage those who write, or who have ever wished to write, to pick up their pens and write. To learn to pay closer attention to, and have curiosity about, the natural world that surrounds us – and see how this improves our writing. To realize the power within our own words when we tell our stories aloud in supportive community. To find a sense of belonging and even personal healing.

Hosted at the beautiful Northern Edge Algonquin, a four-day writing retreat to be held on October 20 – 23, 2022. More details and a link to register coming soon!