Find your voice, share your story. We value others’ stories and we create safe places to share. Our guided workshops foster creativity and connection. Explore our workshop offerings and register now!

Come Write Outside

A 3 hour, outdoor workshop conducted in small groups of 4 to 12 participants. Discover how connecting with nature (in any season) can promote wellness. This $65 workshop uses a variety of writing prompts and guidance techniques and includes a notebook and pen. You are encouraged to share your writing to connect with other participants and enrich the group experience. Please be sure to dress for the weather and conditions. Bring a camp chair or pad to sit on. Book your workshop here.

The Lost Art of Handwriting Letters

A hands-on, 3 hour workshop that can take place outdoors or indoors in small groups of 4 to 12 people. You will receive guidance and instruction on the many components of letter writing. Craft a letter from beginning to end: determine the recipient and purpose for the letter, select supplies, create the letter (including a word about cursive), prepare the envelope, and apply appropriate postage. This $65 workshop includes the cost of supplies. Book here.

Four Seasons of Writing

A 12-hour weekend retreat for between 8 to 16 participants. Focus on writing prompts and exercises that explore and bring to the surface deeply held experiences from your childhood to where you are now; you are made more aware of yourself and your foundational beliefs. Facilitated sharing and discussion gently guides us to better understand our writing and to have kindness and compassion for why we are the way we are. Reading your writing aloud within the group facilitates connection, empathy and understanding, and allows you to observe the power of your words and your voice. Join the retreat for $300 (accommodation and food separate, arranged by you directly with the hosting venue). Retreat includes a workbook and pen. Book your retreat here. **Contact us if you are interested in hosting our workshop at your retreat venue.

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